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*Memorials, Burial Wares *Message in Memorials *Estate Planning *Do Chinchillas Grieve? *Death Throes
*Words of Comfort *ChinCare's Dedication Continued on next page: Quality of Life and Euthanasia


*Misinformation and Care Myths Index
*The Essentials, or Basics, of Chinchilla Care (cage accessories, about safe housing and homemade cage designs)
Heat and Humidity Can Be Life-Threatening (articles, emergency, keeping cool)
*Estimating Chinchilla Age
*Shipping, Transporting or Travelling With Your Chin (resources and additional articles, checklist)
*Chinchillas And Allergies: NOT "Hypoallergenic" (reducing the allergic impact of hay and dust)

Health & Lifestyle Pages
Chinchilla Behavior: Relating to People and Other Animals/ Chinchilla Introductions and Group Dynamics
Chintelligence and Communication/ Dental Health/ Exercise and Play/ Grooming, Fur and Skin Health
Healing: Ailments & Remedies/ Nutrition/ Origins and Wild Chinchillas Today

Chinchilla Behavior: Relating to People and Other Animals

*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Adoption Source, or Background, and Behavioral Expecations (pet breeder, ranch, pet store, rehoming, rescue)
*General Characteristics of Behavior
*Routines (exercise, sleep and covering cages)

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*Initiating Bonding, A Hands-On Approach (first contact procedure)
*Relating to Your Chinchilla (chin scratches or grooming, playtime bonding, catching and handling)

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Environmental Stress (attitude and behavior determinants, basic ways to prevent stress, potential stress factors)
*Anti-Social Behavior (biting; urine-spraying- single female chin syndrome; rearing up and chattering teeth; hostilely pursuing, cornering, fur-pulling)
*Facts About Discipline
*Behavioral Rehabilitation: Addressing Biting and Urine-Spraying

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*Relating Articles
*Compatibility With Other Animals (chins and buns don't mix)
*As Classroom Pets -and- Are Chinchillas a Good Pet for Children? (pets for kids)

Chinchilla Introductions and Group Dynamics

*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Introducing Chins: Precautionary Notes and Pointers (intro method warning)
*Cage Within a Cage (CWAC) Method of Introducing Chinchillas
*The Social Disposition Indicator: Negative, Positive, Inexperienced, Conclusion

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*Maintaining Group Compatibility (preventing conflicts, causes for conflict, the two kinds of mounting)

Chintelligence and Communication

*Communication (general characteristics, hear chinchilla sounds, speech recognition)
*Taming Or Training Chinchillas (additional articles)
*Clever Chin Stories, Chintelligence Articles
*The TV Attraction

Dental Health

*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Dental Health (articles and photos, dental formula, facts and problem prevention, crossley articles)
*Malocclusion (defining; articles and photos; environmental factor- calcium deficiency, insufficient tooth wear, implementing changes to address calcium deficiency and malocclusion; symptom progression of malocclusion)

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*Supplementing Vitamin C for Dental Health (articles, vitamin c sources)
*Supplementing Calcium to Correct Calcium Deficiency (calcium metabolism, moderate ca:no p calcium supplementing, articles, bladder stones in perspective, calcium sources)

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*Positive Results from Vitamin C and Calcium Supplementing: Correcting Calcium Deficiency, Reversing Malocclusion (herd of maloccluders; casper in japan; henry, sugarpuff and dinky in the uk; sasha's miracle and more)

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*Sasha's Miracle and More

Exercise and Play

*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Exercise and Environmental Stimuli (chuffy's story, exercise for breeding chinchillas)
*Out-of-Cage Exercise Time (chin-proofing and other precautions, eyesight and agility, escape artists, if a chin is stepped on)

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*Exercise Wheels (safety criteria; suppliers; reviews and demonstrations)
*Using a Harness

Grooming, Fur and Skin Health

*Grooming (articles, accessories, the right dustbath container)
*Dry Skin
*Callouses (bumblefoot)
*Missing Fur? (medical explanations; wear, rubbing; fights; fur slipping; fur biting, chewing, barbering; fungus)
Care Myths: The Wet Bath (administering) -and- Withholding Dustbath (dustbath massage, dry butt-bath)

Healing: Ailments & Remedies

*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Avoiding Tragedy: Don't Kill Your Chin With "Kindness!"
*Health Articles (medical and anatomical, senior health and cataracts, vet articles, vital statistics)
*Antibiotic and Penicillin Warning
*Household Remedies

*Seizures, Fits, Convulsions (articles, brain infection)
*Curing Giardia (articles, oreganol article)
*Protozoan Parasites in Captive Chinchillas
*Common Kidney Diseases In Small Pets
*Hair Rings and Prolapsed Penis (photos and articles, hair ring removal, treating a prolapsed penis)
*Eye Irritations
*Incontinence and Urine Scald (articles)
*Quarantining New Chins

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*Digestive System Ailments (additional articles, rectal prolapse of the intestine or bowel, the gastrointestinal system and gi stasis, bloat, enteritis, lower gi disease, hepatic lipidosis)

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*Contagious Diseases (ringworm and giardia, pasteurella, pneumonia, rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease (vhd), ectoparasites, listeriosis, bordetella bronchiseptica, human herpes virus, rabies and monkeypox, frenkelia microti)


*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Nutrition Articles
*Nutrition in Captivity: Approximating the Wild Diet (malnutrition, wild diet and nutritional requirements)
*Provide a Variety of Hays (additional articles and guaranteed analysis charts)
*Pellets, A Dietary Staple of Domestic Chinchillas (pellet brand analysis)

*Treats vs. Health Hazards (a guide to dietary extras)
*Why Distilled or Filtered Water is Best

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*Handfeeding and Formulas (articles, formulas: complete diets, supplementary)

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*Two Studies of the Wild Chinchilla Diet, and Plant Photos (2002, 1983, Puya berteroniana)

Origins and Wild Chinchillas Today

*Chinchilla Types, or Species (articles, photos, species description, scientific classification- chins differ from viscachas)
*Wild Chinchilla Conservation Status for Short and Long-Tailed Chinchillas
*Recent Wild Chinchilla Research and Links: History, Life in the Wild
*Las Chinchillas National Reserve in Chile
*Sights and Cultures of the Andes
*The Great MF Chapman Hoax (facts: 1, 2, 3 and conclusion)


*The Red Print: Please Read First
*Guides to Responsible Rescue and Rehoming (rehoming by contacting rescue: hoarding vs legitimate rescue; rehoming by direct placement; articles)
*Adoption Fees and Dangers of FTGH, "Free to Good Home" (bunchers, hoarders or collectors)
*USA & International Rescues/ Shelters, Petfinder Shelter Status
*Sponsoring a Rescue Chinchilla
*Why Rescue Workers Ask Questions
*Information Resources (sites, lost pet resources, chinchilla hotel and temporary lodging, rescue programs)

Rescue & Rehoming Pages
Let's Home Those In NEED Before We Breed/ The Rescue Report
Setting Standards for Responsible Breeding, Ownership, Neutering

Let's Home Those In NEED Before We Breed!

*The Big Picture In Review (defining overpopulation and "good home")
*Casualties of Reckless Breeding
*We CAN curb chinchilla neglect, abuse and homelessness!
*Pocket Pets, What Rights?
*"Family In Desperate Need," insightful humor
*Selections From, "We Are Their Heroes"

The Rescue Report

*Introduction To This Page
*Links to Rescue/ Rehoming Stories
*Counting The Rescues
*Near Death Experience
*Dorm Room Neglect
*Dire Consequences of Irresponsible Breeding
*Thirty Inbred Chinchillas
*FTGH Fiasco
*Chinchillas Left Out With Trash
*Abandoned Outside in Summertime
*Death Trap Cages
*Crippled Kit
*Neglect Survivors
*Helping To Turn Things Around
*Spiffy's Frat House Nightmare
*The Many Costs of Rescue Work
*Warning to Rescuers About People Wanting "Cheap Breeding Chins"

Setting Standards for Responsible Breeding, Ownership, Neutering

*Breeding/ Mating Myths
*Recommended Reading
*Breeding Basics For The Surprised New Chinparent (rotational feeding method)
*Standards for Responsible Breeding (our philosophy, breeding standards, nfb: "not for breeding" factors!)
*Screening for Responsible Ownership (examples: adoption contracts and procedures)
*Articles: Breeding, Mutation Colors, Baby-Saving, Determining Gender, etc.
*Zebedee's Story: Hand-Raising Kits
*Neutering (articles, introduction, why neuter, checklist, factors to consider)
*Inbreeding, Linebreeding and Why Pet Breeders Shouldn't (articles, breeding for health and temperament)


*The Red Print: Please Read First
*How Knowledgeable is Your Vet?
*Information Resources (articles on choosing a vet, online vet advice, pet insurance)
*USA and International Vets Listed by Region
*Initial Vet Examination Criteria and Detecting Illness (ears and paw pads, eyes, fecal droppings, fur, general attitude, heart and lungs, teeth, urine)


*Safety Intro, Product Reviews Link
*Site Safety And Need-To-Know Index
*Pet-Safe Cleaners
*Safe Litter or Bedding (what's unsafe; safe litter/ bedding suppliers)
*Safety Items
*Safe vs. Hazardous Chews (safe, effective chews: examples, cleaning and reusing cholla and pumice; safe wood: specifications, the list, cleaning and storing; toxic wood: toxic factors, the list, cyanogenic glycosides; chewing hazards)
*Safe vs. Toxic Metals
*Chinchilla Collectibles
*Search, Shop Chinchilla Supplies (quick links, international suppliers & google search)